The Great Pagoda at Kew is Unveiled

On 13 July 2018 Kew Pagoda is re-opened to the public. 

The Great Kew Pagoda was designed by the architect William Chambers and built between 1761-1763.

Dragons Roof

Photograph: Historic Royal Palaces/Richard Lea-Hair

NDB delivered the entire joinery package of the historic restoration, and is extremely proud to be part of the team that helped bring this structure back to life.

To replace the dragons that mysteriously disappeared in 1784, 80 dragons were placed onto each corner of every roof on the 10-storey tower; 8 dragons were hand carved from cedar wood and 72 were 3D printed. Very little evidence of the dragons were left behind however, through extensive research, the team at HRP were able to recreate and design the dragons and authentically colour match them to 1760’s paint recipes. They have also been built to last and have been heavily tested for destruction and ageing. One theory of the “disappearance” relates to the mini ice age that took place in the 1780’s which could provide the explanation of the dragons perhaps being removed, but never returned.


Time Lapse


3D Printed Dragons

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