NDB Sponsorship – Baladia Youth Club

 BYC Group Photo 2018


Photo: BYC Group photo of some of the members

 Baladia Youth Club (‘BYC’) was founded in 1983 offering social and sporting activities for members. It is a central hub developed, run and enjoyed by the community. 

As stated on their website:

“The main aims and objectives of the Club have always been provide an environment that can be enjoyed by all. BYC serves to provide sporting and coaching facilities, to increase sporting participation amongst the Indian community and to provide an opportunity for people to unite on common grounds: social activities and sports.”

Over the past 15 years, NDB has had the pleasure of sponsoring the club jackets/fleeces for its members. The photos feature an event with BYC members and handing out this years jackets. 


BYC Group L



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