Balaldia Youth Club ( ) was founded in 1983 as a voluntrary non-profit making organisation. As well as offering members social and sporting activities, it also provides an opportunity to bring community members together. Though at first it focused mainly on young boys and girls, we now host a wide range of ages both male and female. 

Currently BYC runs 3 times a week at the premises with Thursday nights for football, Friday nights for ladies badminton and aerobics, and Saturday night football coaching for young boys along with men’s badminton. The club allows scope and flexibility on activities and times and members help shape the club to how they want it to be. 

Along with other organisations and businesses, NDB has provided pivitol assistance for the club and still continues to do so. This has helped the club display the public support from external agencies in developing the club’s ethos and continuity. 

NDB has provided sponsorship for memorabilia items for our 25th Anniversary, has been immensely supportive to our cause and has had a huge influence on the club’s success. With encourgament like this, the only direction for BYC now is forward.

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